Submission Instructions

Step 1: Download the Springer LNCS template and formatting instructions

Go to

Download the LNCS template for the word processing software you would like to use. For example, if using Word 2007, download; if using Word 97-2003, download, if using LaTex, download, and so forth. Unzip the file and study the instructions.

Step 2: Prepare and submit your paper

Format your paper according to the Springer LNCS style, and save it as a PDF.

To submit through EasyChair, go to: Sign in using your existing EasyChair account, or create a new account following the instructions on the site. (If you are not logged in as author, you may need to change your role to author. You may do so by selecting the menu item: CSPRED > Change Role. Your current role is always shown at the top of the EasyChair screen.)

Once signed in, select New Submission, and select either "Full Paper" (8-10 pages) or "Short Paper" (4 pages). Upload your paper in PDF format. Be sure to fill out the keywords, as this information plays a key role in the process of assigning reviewers.

Deadline Extension

Please submit your paper through EasyChair by April 15, April 20, 2010, 11:59pm, Hawaii time. The deadline for submission of full and short papers to the CSPRED Workshop is extended through April 20th, 2010. If you have not submitted a paper and wish to take advantage of the deadline extension, please submit an abstract in EasyChair by April 15th, 2010. If you have already submitted a paper, you can still take advantage of the extension by submitting a revised draft.