Workshop Schedule

8:30 Welcome Breakfast
9:00 Invited Keynote: Judy Kay, University of Sydney
10:00 Crespo García, R., Pardo, A. A supporting system for adaptive peer review based on learners' profiles
10:30 Break
11:00 Morrison, J. A Research Framework to Examine the Impacts of Online Peer Review on Learning Outcomes in Computer Science Courses
11:30 Aleahmad, T. Democratizing Authoring through Computer-Supported Review
Hsiao, I., Brusilovsky, P. An Adaptive Strategy of Peer-Review for Educational Content Development
12:00 Xiong, W., Litman, D., Schunn, C. Impact of Annotation Difficulty on Automatically Detecting Program Localization of Peer-Review Feedback
12:30 Lunch (provided)
2:00 Goldin, I., Ashley, K. Learning by Reviewing through Peer Feedback Refinement
2:30 Gehringer, E., Kadanjoth, R., Kidd, J. Software Support for Peer-Reviewing Wiki Textbooks and Other Large Projects
Morrison, M., Morrison, J. Online Peer Review Systems: Creating Instructor Interfaces That Work for Instructors
3:00 Fu, H., Hawkes, M. Technology-Supported Peer Assessment as a Means for Teacher Learning

Crespo García, R. Exploring document clustering techniques for personalized peer assessment in exploratory courses
3:30 Posters, Demos, Technology Discussion
5:00 Panel Discussion: The Good, the Bad, and the Future. Panelists Chris Schunn, Niels Pinkwart, Diane Litman, Edward Gehringer